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Scarlet Tech’s latest anemometer innovation, WL-21 Wireless Wind Data Logger, is trusted by IDPortal as one of the wind measuring instrument for the Plymouth Marine Laboratory research vessel project.

The Plymouth Marine Laboratory project is part of the Clean Maritime Competition, funded by the Department for Transport and in partnership with Innovate UK.

The team behind this research is QuestZero, which consisted of  IDPortal, Duodrive and Steamology, awardee of the prestigious Clean Maritime Decarbonization Competition grant.

the best wind meter for research project

The purpose of this project is implementing a sustainable vessel propulsion and stability system design package for a ~24m Hybrid Research Vessel to replace Plymouth Marine Laboratory current vessel Quest. 

The ambition is for the vessel to be powered by a Steamology hydrogen-based zero-emission steam system, a Duodrive high efficiency contra-rotating propeller electric drive, IDPortal 3Flex pitch advance propellers and wing sail with Xiphias low profile hydrofoil/rudder stability system.  

The WL-21 wind data logger will help with research process by measuring and monitoring wind speed and direction with the respective time stamp.

wind speed and direction sensor