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Film Production Rigging Safety: “Paper Girls” Amazon Prime’s Series Adaptation of The Best-Selling Graphic Novels Use Scarlet WR3-Plus Wireless Anemometer Behind The Scenes

When it comes to TV and Film Production, what does not get much spotlight is the huge amount of rigging work it takes during the production period. Rigging on film production means to lift or hoist a prop or set elements on the set. This lifting operation often carried out in the heights with crew and production sets under it which brings safety concerns especially when filming is done outdoor where weather factors such as wind impacts safety.

This is why working in the heights must be properly planned and equipped with necessary lifting equipments including wireless wind meter to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

Scarlet WR3-Plus and WindSmart bluetooth anemometer are the top 2 most popularly used wind speed meter for Hollywood movie and film production rigging safety.

Do you need wireless wind speed meter for your rigging safety solution? Contact us now and let our team help you find what you need.


wind speed meter for film production rigging