Wireless Wind Meter

Highest class. Long range wireless wind monitoring system for rigorous industrial use, crane safety, construction site. Long term wind evaluation. Large scale project management.

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Sound Level Meter (SLM)

Compact portable instrument, usually battery-powered, used to measure directly sound-pressure levels.

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What we do?

We care about health, safety and environment. We listen to our customer, solving their problems. Our customers stay with us because of our flexibility and excellent support. We want to improve occupational safety & health by leveraging wireless and IoT technology. We deliver tailor-made, state-of-art instrumentation to help our clients focus on their works.

Instruments & Meters

Wireless solutions for
occupational safety

Internet of thing &
industrial 4.0

Total solutions for heat
stress management

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Scarlet News

You can find all the latest news about Scarlet and other HSE news here. We post news about protection and relevant articles for you to get more information about safety issues in your daily life.

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Heat Stress Detector

Scarlet TWL-1S is designed to measure WBGT and thermal work limit (TWL) heat index. The TWL measures air temperature, humidity, radiant heat and wind speed to come up with instructions for work, rest and hydration plan. We integrate the algorithm of TWL and work-rest schedule based on the latest guideline. The user-friendly interface even showed different colors to ensure users in line with TWL schedule. For example, red means unsafe for work, yellow means buffer zone and green means safe for work.

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Why Scarlet?

Of all our customers are satisfied with our products and services!
We care about safety. We listen to our customers, solving their problems.
Our customers stay with us because of our flexibility and excellent support.


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