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ScarletWind Data Extraction Software

ScarletWind Data Extraction Software is a Windows-based PC utility designed to export recorded data, including wind speed, wind direction (specific to the WL-21 sensor), temperature, and air pressure data from Scarlet’s anemometers.

wireless anemometer

ScarletSound – Sound Data Management Software

ScarletSound is a Windows-PC-compatible software for the Scarlet ST-15D Class 1 GPS Sound Analyzer. The software helps you to export historical noise data on your computer.

ScarletSound also shows real-time one-third octave band analysis data on your computer screen in list and bar chart format, providing a clear visual tool for further noise inspection (SPL for A/C/Z-weightings, F/S/I/Peak for Time weightings, Lp, Max, Min, LeqT).

sound level meter

TWL-1S Data Logger

The TWL-1S is an excellent device for the long-term recording of thermal risk-related parameters (WBGT, TWL, globe temperature, air temperature, related humidity, and more). The latest version of TWL-1S includes a logger configuration utility right in the device, eliminating the need to install any extra software on your Windows computer. When you connect the TWL-1S to your Windows computer, a CD-ROM called “Logger” will be automatically recognized. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure recording settings or export the recorded data into CSV format. It is convenient for further analysis using tools like Excel or other similar applications.

TWLIT – Legacy TWL-1S Logger Configuration Tool

TWLIT, short for Thermal Work Limit Information Technology and pronounced as “twilight,” is a software developed by Scarlet Tech. It is designed to work with the legacy version of the TWL-1S Heat Stress Detector.


TWLIT 1.1.2 Installation Package


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0


USB Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7

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TWL-1S Technical Document

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