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WL-21 Wind Data Logger: How to Set the Wind Direction Correctly?

2022-06-29T18:24:38+00:00Categories: Blogs, Recent Posts|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Follow the steps below: Step 1: Turn On receiver. Press “Settting” button to go to the setting page. Step 2: Press Up/Down to wind direction, and then go to wind [...]

Prevent BlindLift with Wireless Hook Crane Camera

2022-06-10T14:41:45+00:00Categories: Blogs, Recent Posts|Tags: , , , , |

According to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics, 153 of casualties on the construction site in 2020 were due to “contact with object and equipment”. This can occur under the [...]

Strategic Partnership: Scarlet Tech and Sato Shouji Inc. ready to kick off the Japanese market

2022-03-31T17:15:04+00:00Categories: Recent Posts, Scarlet News|Tags: , , , , |

The partnership marks a milestone to launch in the Japanese market Scarlet Tech and Sato Shouji Inc., a leading Japanese-based company providing professional instruments, announced today that both companies have [...]

Crane Safety Case Study: Industrial Crane Accident a Worker Dead Hit by Crane Bucket

2022-02-10T15:55:55+00:00Categories: Blogs, Recent Posts|Tags: , , , , , |

Operating crane requires a great amount of safety measure to be in placed. One small mistake or unpreparedness may lead to a deathly and costly injuries and accidents. Last Sunday [...]

How Does Wind Speed and Direction Sensor Work?

2022-05-09T16:44:00+00:00Categories: Blogs, Recent Posts|Tags: , , , , , |

  How Does Wind Speed and Direction Sensor Work? Anemometer is one of the oldest and most ancient instrument in human history. For more than 500 years, anemometer has been used [...]