Wireless Crane Camera

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The Covid-19 outbreak not only presents a global health and safety crisis but also economic uncertainties across industries-including the construction industry. With the nature of construction being a labor-intensive industry, [...]

Crane Safety: Wireless Solar Crane Camera “Apollo M1” Reduce Blind lifts

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Scarlet Apollo M1 Minimize Blind Lift on Tower Crane Lifting Operations Irish Cranes and Lifting Ltd., an experienced crane & lifting gear company specialized in rental, service, sales and maintenance [...]

Scarlet’s Wireless Solar Crane Camera System “Apollo M1” Wins Red Dot Award: Industrial Product Design 2020

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Scarlet’s New Product, launching soon this summer 2020, Apollo M1 (Wireless Solar Crane Camera System) has won the Red Dot Design Award 2020. Scarlet’s Apollo M1 to be featured in [...]