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Scarlet Hercules Minimize Blind Lift on Tower Crane Lifting Operations

Irish Cranes and Lifting Ltd., an experienced crane & lifting gear company specialized in rental, service, sales and maintenance of cranes or lifting gear since the 1980s, adopted Scarlet’s Hercules for their tower cranes. Irish Cranes team is one of the early adopters of Scarlet’s award-winning Hercules, after using Hercules wireless crane CCTV for several months, their lifting experience is elevated.

According to John Kenny-Service Manager at Irish Cranes, Hercules help them solve blind lifts and correct slinging of loads. Blind lifts and loads slinging are among the two most common lifting challenges found in crane operation especially when crane is operated in staggering heights from the ground. Thanks to Hercules wireless crane camera, crane operator has a greater visibility from heights helping them with critical lifting situation.


Photo of Hercules Crane CCTV Live Footage from Hook-mounted Camerawireless crane camera Apollo M1

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