Wireless Crane Camera System

Scarlet Tech’s Apollo M1 wireless solar safety crane camera system integrates the innovative solar technology with high-definition wireless cameras to reinvent a highly reliable cost-effective safety solution for cranes.
2 Live Focus
Ultra-Wide Cameras
30 days Full HD
recording on loop
50% increase in productivity and operational safety
7 Days Continuous
Operation Hours

Enhance Your Crane Loadview

Tired of blind lifting ? Keep everything in sight with just one tool.
Wireless crane camera system with dual wide-angle cameras for hook and winch part of the crane.

Avoid Blind Lift Collision
Improve Crane Safety

Lift safer and faster with wireless crane camera system.
Get instant visuals and audio confirmation of the load and surroundings inside of the cabin.

How Wirelss Crane Camera System Works

How Wireless Crane Camera System Works

  1. Smart Solar Power Station
    Waveguide solar panel with built-in rechargeable battery power the camera for continuous operation.
  2. Hook View Camera
    Wide-angle downward camera installed on the hook block gives an unobstructed/rigging details view.
  3. Winch View Camera
    Wide-angle camera installed on the winch/sides of the crane gives full-range operational views.
  4. Touchscreen Monitor
    Monitor real-time video/audio streaming and automatic recordings from crane cabin.

    Apollo Cam Smartphone App
    4G livestreams audio-video feeds on multiple smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Sustainable Solar-Battery Station

24/7 Backup Power

High-volume rechargeable li-ion battery stores 7-days of backup energy and makes it available on-demand for continuous operation without sunlight. Free from power outage anxiety and maintenance downtime..........Read More

Smart Energy Management

To provide reliable, consistent power in all weather, Solar Powerstation detects light intensity and automatically switch between solar panel & li-ion battery to maximize the camera uptime. .........Read More

2X More Electricity Conversion

High-volume rechargeable li-ion battery stores 7-days of backup energy and makes it available on-demand for continuous operation without sunlight. Free from power outage anxiety and maintenance downtime.  .........Read More

Apollo Cam can be download through App Store or Google Play. Requires Scarlet 4G Router, sold separately.

Instant Live View, Anytime, Anywhere

Apollo Cam app turns your phone into a portable surveillance station through wireless 4G technology. Allows you to monitor multiple live audio-visual feeds and take high-quality snapshots on the go.BUY NOW

Faster, Safer and Smarter

Heavy-duty magnets ensure fast & secured installation and compatibility with all cranes.

Fit the camera system into your daily operation without learning curve and maintenance.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

  1. Smart Solar Power Station
  2. Hook View Camera
  3. Winch View Camera
  4. Touchscreen Monitor

What’s Apollo M1 Advantage?

Apollo M1B CamH CamO Cam
Camera System2 FHD audio-video cameras1 Camera1 Camera1 Camera
Battery PowerSelf-Sustained Solar Panel +30 hrs Battery PowerBattery Pack (12 hrs)Build-in Battery (18 hrs)Battery Pack (12 hrs)
Monitor10.1” LCD Sunlight readable touchscreen10.1” LCD9.7” LCD12” LCD
Remote Live View4G router included + free iOS/Android App *sim card and 4G service fee not includedCharge separatelyCharge separatelyCharge separately
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Apollo M1 Specifications

Dimension285 x 198 x 67mm
Display10.1” Touch Panel LCD
VideoHD (1280x720) (default)
FHD (1920x1080)
I/O PortsMicro SD x1, USB 2.0 x1, RJ45 x1, Mini HDMI x1
RecordingMicro SD card or external HDD via USB port
PowerDC 5V, 3A
Battery Volume4400mAh (Up to 2 hours of remote monitoring)
Operation Temperature-20°C to 60°C
Dimension280 x 246 x 65mm
Battery TypeMolicel 21700
Battery Volume41000mAh / 442.8Wh
InputPmax: 7.1W, Vmp: 15.8V, Imp: 0.45A (Solar)
6A/115VAC, 3A/230VAC (AC/DC Charger)
Output0.8A/9V (5-pin port)
1A/5V (USB port)
Battery Working HoursUp to 70hrs (Total 7-14 days, daily working 8 hours.)
DC/AC ChargerVoltage: 110/220V
Charging Time: 5 hours
InstallationMounting by Magnets
Operation Temperature-20°C to 55°C

Dimension148 x 90 x80mm
VideoFull HD (1920x1080)
Field of View114°
Night VisionIR LED x 20
AudioOne-way audio with built-in microphone
Power SupplySmart Solar Power Station
Operation Temperature-20°C to 55°C
Real-time Live ViewYes (via APP)

Dimension129 x 85 x 73mm
VideoFull HD (1920x1080)
Field of View104°
Night VisionIR LED x 20
AudioOne-way audio with built-in microphone
Power SupplyDC 9V, 0.8A
Operation Temperature-20°C to 55°C
Real-time Live ViewYes (via APP)

The unique difference that distinguishes Apollo M1 from other brands is its “Smart Solar Power Station”. This is not your traditional solar power battery, Apollo M1 solar power is designed with a waveguide Mono-Si Solar Panel innovation that collects wide spectral of diffused sunlight light in all weather condition. This means Apollo M1 solar panel is 2.5 times more efficient than the typical solar panel with up to 40% electricity conversion.

Besides that, you get an all-in-one package with Apollo M1, no additional purchase of accessories such as panel antenna, 4G wifi router, etc. Everything included for you in one package at no additional cost.

The market price of a standard wireless crane camera system starts from USD 10,000. To get a standard crane camera system with only one camera and standard feature you have to pay more than USD 10,000.

Compared to other brands with less functionality and specification, Apollo M1 has an absolute competitive advantage in terms of pricing, design, functionality, and technology features. Hence, price-wise and specs-wise, Apollo M1 is such a value buy. One investment, for year-long benefits such as an increased in productivity and work safety which will save you a lot more money and time in the future.

Apollo M1 comes with waterproof luggage that includes  2 wide-angle cameras, 1 touch screen monitor, 1 smart solar power station, and other accessories.

Apollo M1 can operate up to 70 hours straight (Total 7-14 days, Daily working 8 hours). The smart solar power station is equipped with dual battery function; sustainable solar battery and rechargeable li-ion battery that can switch automatically based on light intensity (day & night). Store back-up power of 30+ hours from the solar battery without any charging required. Worry-free from power outage!

Apollo M1 is compatible with all types of crane, such as tower crane, mobile crane, luffing crane, hammerhead crane, etc.

Apollo M1
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