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Research Project Using Scarlet WL-11 Wind Speed & Direction Data Logger

Scarlet WL-11 Wind Speed & Direction Data Logger (Now this model is dismissed and replaced with the New WL-21) is used for a research project for the Department of Anthropology & Archaeology of University of Calgary, a top ranked university in Canada.

The research is conducted at one of the forest in Costa Rica and aim to assess the impact of canopy height on wind speed and ultimately to the biological processes. “Wind speed has important implications for tons of biological processes, including seed dispersal and the movement of volatile chemicals, like pheromones and fruit odors, through the environment”, said Allegra DePasquale, a PhD student at the university who is leading the research.

To test the affect of wind speed in different height, they established a 10-meter-high poles at two different location in the forest. The anemometers are then installed at different heights of 0.5m, 3.5m, 5.5m, 7.5m, and 10m.

“I have been going through the data and have been pleased with the results”, Allegra stated. Scarlet wireless anemometer series offers accurate wind measurement for a wide range of applications from research/industrial project, constructions, marine, agriculture, and many more.

If you are looking to measure wind speed and direction, check the New WL-21 Wireless Wind Speed Direction Data Logger.

WL-11 Wind Speed Meter