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WindSmart Anemometer for New Upcoming Netflix Movie “CHUPA”

Scarlet’s WindSmart Bluetooth Wireless Anemometer is everyone’s favorite for film and television rigging safety. Recently, WindSmart is used to ensure rigging safety at Netflix’s “Chupa”, a new upcoming family movie that will star Oscar-nominee Demian Bichir and will be set in Mexico.

On film and television sets, WindSmart Bluetooth anemometer helps crews to track wind speed and direction to ensure safety when doing extended lift of fabric drops to diffuse the natural light to achieve the cinematic look or provide shade for actors.

These lifts are extended high up in the air with crews and film sets under it. This brings safety concerns especially when filming is done outdoor where weather factors such as wind speed and direction will have a significant impact. Crews on the set can download the app and monitor the wind speed and direction from the convenience of a smart phone at any time. 

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Film and Television Rigging Safety