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Where to Mount Wind Speed and Direction Sensor?

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Anemometer usually consists of two main parts, the sensor and the receiver display. The sensor is used to measure wind speed or both wind speed and direction. While the receiver [...]

WR-3 Plus Installation Guide:How to Mount Wind Sensor?

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Step by Step Guide to Mount WR3-Plus Wind Sensor on Mounting Bracket Follow the 5 steps below to mount your wind sensor on the WR3-Plus mounting bracket: 1.Prepare the following [...]

Film Production Rigging Safety: “Paper Girls” Amazon Prime’s Series  Use Scarlet WR3-Plus Wireless Anemometer

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Film Production Rigging Safety: “Paper Girls” Amazon Prime’s Series Adaptation of The Best-Selling Graphic Novels Use Scarlet WR3-Plus Wireless Anemometer Behind The Scenes When it comes to TV and Film Production, [...]

WL-11 Industrial Wireless Wind Data Logger for Wind Power Plants

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Wind Power Plants: ACWA Powers Use Scarlet’s WL-11 on Uzbekistan’s 2500 MW Power Projects   ACWA Power, a world-leading developer, investor and operator of power generation and desalinated water plants [...]