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Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn On receiver. Press “Settting” button to go to the setting page.

wl 21 scarlet tech

Step 2: Press Up/Down to wind direction, and then go to wind direction settings page.

WL 21 scarlet tech

Step 3: Wait a few seconds for Receiver-Sensor connection.

Step 4: Press Enter on Correction of Wind Direction to start orientation direction.

WL21 Scarlet Tech

Step 5: Orient the sensor’s wind vane pointer to the True North.

Press “Correction” to confirm the north direction in WL-21.

WL 21 Scarlet Tech

Step 6: The last correction date will be updated when orientation correction succeeds.

WL 21 scarlet tech

WL-21 Scarlet Tech

WL-21 Wind Data Logger measures both wind speed and direction. The system measures and displays current/average/maximum wind speed, wind direction, temperature, wind chill, Beaufort scale, atmospheric pressure, and historic data graphic in high accuracy with multiple measurement units. Users are able to set wind speed threshold and receive instant alarm notification when wind speed exceeds the set threshold.The sensor is water-proof and dust-tight. All Scarlet’ wind sensor has undergone a strict quality control to ensure accurate measurement.


About Scarlet Tech

Scarlet Tech is a leading occupational health and safety technology company. Scarlet specialized in wireless and IoT instruments, most well-known for the wireless crane anemometer series and the award-winning wireless crane camera. Scarlet also offers other flagship instrumentations including heat stress meter and sound level meters.

Watch the video tutorial here.

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