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Abu Dhabi Airports Promote Heat Safety in Working Environment

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Abu Dhabi Airports has begun its heat stress campaign advising staff and contractors on how to cope with extreme weather conditions over the summer. […]

UAE doctors urge cautions after the end of Midday Break

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Doctors warn it is imperative for labourers to take precautions when working outside in the heat, with the midday break rule no longer in effect. Yesterday was the last day this [...]

Midday break inspections continue in UAE

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According to this decision which came into force on June 15 and will continue until mid-September, workers shall get a break every day between 12.30pm and 3pm. According to Maher [...]

ENOC’s ‘Heat Stress Awareness Campaign’ led by Dubai Health Authority

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More than 200 staff members of Cylingas, a subsidiary of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), attended a ‘Heat Stress Awareness Campaign’ organised by ENOC’s Occupational Health Clinic […]

Midday break awareness campaign launched in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Labour is conducting an educational program to raise the awareness of employers and workers about the "dos and don'ts" with regard to the three-month-long mandatory [...]

60% of Heat Illness Cases Reduced in the Emirates Group After Implementation of Scarlet TWL-1S

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The implementation of thermal work limit (TWL) by Emirates Group showed a great success in reducing the incidence of heat stress cases this summer. […]