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Do you know that Scarlet WR-3 Plus has a double power supply source? WR-3 Plus is not only powered by AA batteries but it can also be charged using its USB cable. Moreover, the USB cable can also be used for data logging.

wind speed meter usb charging and data logging








How to power your WR-3 using its USB cable and turn it into long-term data logger?

Follow this easy two step below:

Step 1: Connect a micro-USB (type A) cable on WR-3 Plus Receiver

connect usb into receiver

Step 2: Plug USB adapter to power socket. 

plug into power socket

A plugicon shows up on the LCD display to indicate receiver is powered by power supply.

wr3 plus scarlet tech

That’s it! By connecting WR3-Plus with its USB cable, you can accomplish two things :

  1. Charging
  2. Data logging

Also, watch the full video tutorial here.

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