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WR-3 Wireless Anemometer Installation on Tower Cranes

Heathrow Cranes, A leading ,UK-based, construction company specialized in tower crane hire rental service installed WR3 on their cranes. The safety regulations in the UK require for anemometer to be used on cranes or on the construction sites. In order to follow the law and to ensure worksite safety, Heathrow Cranes searched on the net and found Scarlet Tech providing high quality wind speed meters which meet their needs.

Wireless, The Best Solution

“The operators of tower cranes can read the wind speed and operate the crane in the segment of wind speed in the capsule of tower crane. Most cranes come with anemometers inside, but I need to read the data from the ground level so the wireless function really helps a lot.” says Albert Peter Dravins, Operations Manager at Heathrow Cranes.

While his cranes may be sited at other side of the worksite, Peter can instantly monitor what is happening from his own office, and the sound alarm allows for enhanced decision-making.

The less wires are, the safer it will be at the site. The ultra-long 400 meter transmission distance makes WR-3 a perfect gadget to help monitor wind speed on crane and prevent from high wind risks.

Excellent Services

Quality and price are the main criteria they use when making decision to buy a product. After comparing, they decided to choose Scarlet Tech over other companies.

WR3 can read the wind speed correctly and it’s easy to move around at the construction site. Also, you delivered fast and products got no problems so far. I am likely to recommend your products to other people.” says Peter.


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