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Can you guess where on earth are the quietest? Check the list below.

1.Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is probably one of the very few cities in the world that is peaceful and quiet. According to a study based on 200,000 people’s hearing ability test and research from the World Health Organization on noise pollution across 50 locations, it is founded that the Swiss city has the least noise pollution in the world.



It is no surprise that Antartica is on the list since it is impossible for us to actually live permanently here with the freezing cold temperature.

3.Orfield Laboratories, Minnesota, US

This sound-absorbent chamber is located at the Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis. If you want to experience a sound-free environment, you can make a visit here. Visitors except journalist are not allowed to be left alone in the chamber for any significant amount of time without supervision. Most journalist who have tried lasted for less than 20 minutes.

If you are interested to visit, you can book tours of the facility on its website.

4. Landmannalaugar, Iceland

If you are looking for a quiet open road, the Landmannalaugar in Iceland is the kind of place you want to be. Not only can you walk miles without seeing anybody, but there are also some incredibly silent volcanic patches and free public natural hot spring.

5.Tak Be Ha Cenote, Mexico

Last but not least, the Tak Be Ha Cenote in Mexico is said to be one of the quietest among its nearly 7,000 caves, with only the occasional sound of dripping water.

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