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Hercules Crane Camera System is an efficient wireless solution that can be easily deployed to the hook block or boom tip of a crane. This system enables the operator to visually monitor the load and its surroundings, offering an unobstructed, real-time feed of critical areas that would otherwise be inaccessible when working in blind spots. 

There are three main components to the Hercules Pro:

    • Hook Camera (comprising a camera, camera transmitter, and camera battery) 
    • StreamLink
    • Monitor Console


The Hercules framework on tower cranes


  1. Hook Camera is powered by a standalone camera battery, the camera captures the video feed and sends it via its transmitter to StreamLink. 
  2. StreamLink is a high-speed wireless ultra-long-range station with 802.11ac Wi-Fi 5G technology. It is installed on the jib or boom to ensure the signal transmission coverage and avoid obstacles. The position of StreamLink and its antennas configuration depends on the type of crane, as well as the length or type of jib and boom. 
  3. Monitor Console operates as follows: StreamLink receives the wireless signal from Hook Camera transmitter and relays it to Monitor Console in the operator’s cab. The live video feed is then displayed on the monitor, providing the operator with real-time footage of everything below the hook camera.


*The installation position and antenna angle arrangement vary based on the crane configuration and its surroundings. The illustration above represents a typical installation scenario, but adjustments may be necessary depending on the crane and environmental factors.