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According to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics, 153 of casualties on the construction site in 2020 were due to “contact with object and equipment”. This can occur under the circumstance of blind spots, a situation when crane operator has a limited visibility of surrounding work area. Blind spot usually occur when critical field of view is blocked by high-rise building or in low light environment such as underground construction, hindering the operator to see where the hook is heading.

The current lifting practice for crane operations is mainly the following:

  1. Crane supervisors ensure lifting operations comply with local standard safety laws and regulations. For example in the United Kingdom, crane operations must adhere to the BS7121 code of practice and the LOLER ( Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment ) regulations. While in the United States, crane operations must follow the ANSI/ASME B30 standards.  
  2. A slinger or signaler (also called banksman) on the ground provides clear and concise load direction to the crane operator through radio communication and hands signals. 
  3. A certified professional crane operator performs accurate and safe lifting by taking into account wind speed, load capacity, and other factors affecting lifting safety.

Although many HSE authority around the world have formulated a stricter and more comprehensive safety regulations for crane operations to prevent on-site accidents under changing environmental circumstances.

The current lifting practice simply does not solve much of the problem of blind spot lifting. This is where the important role of wireless crane hook camera can bring towards crane operation safety.

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By mounting camera on the hook of the crane, it eliminates the problems occur with blind spots, as crane operators now have a live audio and video footage and the ability to see and hear what’s going on below the hook and around the load.

Implementing crane hook cameras system also proven to increase lifting efficiency as crane operators can now clearly see and confirm the load while communicating with ground staff, communication becomes much easier and less stressful.

The crane hook camera system, also called the crane ip camera system, also benefit HSE managers and project managers as they can monitor construction site remotely  and  access the footage recording for backtrack analysis.Managers can watch the live videos or recording footage from tablet or Windows-PC.

Introducing Hercules Wireless Hook Crane Camera System

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Hercules crane hook camera is the first crane monitoring system with advanced 5G stable and long-range transmission distance. The camera also adopts a defog and Starlight enhanced technology for clear and full colored video footage even in low light condition.

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