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The parents of a boy who died last summer after being left alone in a hot car for hours are speaking out, hoping their story will prevent another tragedy. Joel Gray died when his mom thought he had been at daycare, only to later find him still in the back seat of her van. It was a terrible accident that had parents asking how it could happen.

“I just kept thinking, ‘I am going to wake up. This isn’t happening to me,'” said mother Stephanie Gray. The mother still struggles with her son’s final moments. Now, Stephanie Gray and her husband, Aaron Gray, are speaking out, letting parents know this can happen to anyone. They are urging parents to come up with a system to ensure they always check on their child.They recommend leaving something that you already take with you daily – a cell phone, purse or even a shoe – in the back seat, so when you step out of the car, you are sure to also check in the back.