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As the record-breaking heat wave continues to scorch Western Australia, health authorities have warned possible cases of sicknesses and deaths among young and elderly Australians. The extreme heat alerted doctors, nurses and paramedics to prepare for any kind of emergency.

Residents are advised to drink water regularly and avoid prolonged exposure to heat. The risk of fire remains high with temperatures expected to remain within or over 40 degrees throughout the week.

Alisdair Hainsworth from the Bureau of Meteorology said heat wave is moving toward the east. Residents of South Australia and the northwestern part of Victoria will experience rising temperatures within one or two days.

The bureau predicted the heat wave to move further down to south eastern Australia and NSW within the week. Hainsworth remarked residents should prepare for ACT Ambulance Service Chief David Foot warned parents not to leave pets and children inside their vehicles while running errands since temperatures inside the car can quickly increase in less than 5 minutes.