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Followed by the fatal crane collapsing in Seattle in April and Dallas in June this year, last Sunday evening, another construction crane fell and sliced through residential buildings in New Jersey during storms. Luckily, no one was injured this time.

Since the construction industry has grown, catastrophes like these have happened across the country in recent years. The extensive damages not merely cost the companies tremendous financial loss but also people’s homes and lives in a matter of seconds.

Besides human error and excessive load, the main cause of crane collapsing is the lack of wind speed detection and protection.

The velocity of turbulence is rapid and unpredictable, especially in height due to lower air density, less surface friction, and greater pressure gradient. A small increase in wind speed can severely threaten the site safety directly.

To prevent fatal crane accidents, the operators are required to be vigilant and monitor the change of wind in close attention at all times. For this reason, all cranes should be fitted with anemometers or other wind speed monitoring devices.

Scarlet wind solutions provide accurate and reliable live wind measurements in real-time and the options for instant alerts and automatic triggers to shut down the equipment in time. The wind meters allow operators to make informed decisions that comply with health and safety regulations at all times and effectively prevent fatal accidents.