The Ultimate Long-Range Wireless Anemometer for Industries.
Monitor Wind Speed and Control External Devices.

The WindPro is built for wind-related applications such as wind energy, turbines, marine, off-shore, construction sites and cranes. You can easily integrate WindPro into your existing system via multiple outputs such as 4-20mA, RS-232 commands, contact relays and bluetooth.

What is WindPro

WindPro is an industrial-grade wireless anemometer up to 1000m transmission range. It can accurately measure wind speed, direction, chill, temperature, air pressure, and more. WindPro can connect 2 different sensors at a time. With its sturdy design and reliable performance, WindPro is built to withstand the toughest environments. Additionally, it has four configurable alarms and multiple industrial outputs, such as 4-20mA, RS232, and Bluetooth.
IoT anemometer
scarlet wind pro
scarlet wind pro
IoT anemometer

Meet All Your
Connectivity Needs

- RS232: Deliver data to PC & signage.
- USB: Exports recorded data from the console.
- 4-20mA Loop: Integrate with industrial automation controls.
- Relay Switches: Activates connected devices at set thresholds.
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Serial Communication
Deliver instant and continuous data to industrial automation control systems such as PLCs, HMIs and SCADA.
IoT anemometer
Current Loops
Provide reliable readouts of critical industrial metrics, easily transmit the value to large signage on site.
IoT anemometer
Features 4 independent and threshold-configurable relay switches per channel to trigger alarms or activate external devices

Wind Alarm System

Equipped with built-in audiovisual alarms triggered at 4 wind thresholds, the WindPro alerts you when wind speeds exceed a certain threshold with up to 80db alarm. It also connects to sirens and LED lights via contact relays for real-time alerts.
Scarlet WindPro
Scarlet WindPro

Ultra Long Wireless Range

- Utilizes Sub-1 GHz industrial wireless technology for long-range communication up to 1000m.
- Equipped with a high-gain antenna for extended wireless coverage and reliable signal transmission.
- Supports real-time data from 2 different sensors, preventing downtime and increasing work efficiency.
Scarlet WindPro
IoT anemometer
Data Logging
Never worry about losing important wind data. The WindPro has a data logging function and 128MB internal memory for 3-month data storage. All data can be exported to PC via ScarletWind software in Excel or CSV data exchange format, making it accessible for coporates and EHS officers to do further analysis.
4.3" Full-Color
The WindPro console comes with a high-brightness and color display that ensures all data is visible even in sun exposure outdoor conditions. With its 4.3" large touchscreen, users can check the information and switch between pages quickly.
IoT anemometer
Synchonize Wind Data
on your PC
Access WindPro data on your PC through RS-232 serial port. Users can view real-time information directly on desktop or laptop in addition to the console. Scarlet also offers free protocols that allow users to feed WindPro data into their own systems such as SCADA or PLC.
Wind Monitoring
with WindPro APP
- Bluetooth broadcasting for real-time wind speed and direction updates on mobile phone.
- Receiving instant notifications on mobile phone to stay alert of any potential issues.
- Users within 25 meters can connect the device simultaneously through App.
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app store
Leverage WindPro to
Enhance Safety and Profitability
Improve safety in heights
Ensure equipment stability and better safety planning to prevent falls from height.
Reduce cost
Prevent accidents & save costs
Minimize compensation costs, eliminate schedule delays, and avoid negative publicity.
Comply withnregulations
Secure the international HSE standard for employers, HSE engineers, and project owners.
Web-based Cloud Service Available
(WindPro Online)
Upgrade to WindPro Online now and get one-year of unlimited access to Scarlet Web Portal for free. Received remote real-time email and web alerts, unlimited data storage, and monitor all mission-critical data from multiple WindPro devices on-the-go.
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Scarlet Tech

Recommended Solutions for Your Project

WindPro Online
WR-3 Plus
cloud-base anemometerwireless anemometerwireless anemometerwireless anemometer
Wireless Range1,000 meters 1,000 meters
Remote Web-based Monitoring
500 meters500 meters
SensorWind speed
Wind direction
Air Temperature
Air pressure
Wind speed
Wind direction
Air Temperature
Air pressure
Wind speed
Air Temperature
Air pressure
Wind speed
Wind direction
Air Temperature
Air pressure
Number of sensor connected2Unlimited register WindPro devices on Web11
IIoT IntegrationRelays
4-20 mA
4-20 mA
Alert Thresholds4-levels wind speed/ direction alarmsUnlimited wind speed/ direction alertWind speed alarmWind speed alarm
Remote WarningEmail Web Browser
Remote MonitoringWeb Browser
Software SupportiOS/Android Bluetooth APP
Window OS/
WindPro RS232 Utility
iOS/Android Bluetooth APP
Window OS/
WindPro RS232 Utility
Window OS/
Window OS/
Power SupplySensor: 3.6V lithium battery
Receiver: DC 24V /power adapter
Sensor: 3.6V lithium battery
Receiver: DC 24V /power adapter
Sensor: 3.6V lithium battery
Receiver: AA batteries x3 /USB
Sensor: 3.6V lithium battery
Receiver: AA batteries x3 /USB
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Professional Wind-Tunnel
Certified Wind Sensor for
Accurate Measurements
Certified by ISO 17025 laboratory, WindPro sensors provide accurate reading you can rely on.
Every unit is rigorously tested before shipping to guarantee its accuracy and quality.
IoT anemometer

Boost Your WindPro
with the Best Add-On

IP67 industrial grade wireless sensor comes with a built-in 3-year long-life battery.
Portable receiver features 64MB memory for 1-year data (10-sec logging interval) and instant alert.
Scarlet Web
Portal access
View all crucial data via the Internet and get an email notification on important events.

Where does Scarlet Wireless Anemometer Apply

Tower Cranes
Port Terminal
Chemical Plant
Outdoor Event
Construction site
  • Max 1,000M wireless range
  • 4-level configurable alarm with built-in buzzer
  • Data logging
  • Various outputs for IIoT integration (Relay, 4-20mA, RS232, USB, RJ45, Wi-Fi, 2.4G Wirelss broadcasting)
  • Wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure measurement
  • Touchscreen with 2-sensor channels
  • WindPro console and antenna – WL-21 wireless sensor (Wind speed and wind direction)
  • Magnetic sensor mounting bracket
  • Magnet holder kit for WindPro console
  • Power adapter (input:100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A; output:25V, 2.5A)
  • User manual & Certificate of Confirmity
  • Mobile App – RS232 Windows Utility
  • Cloud-based IoT Web Portal (Optional)
  • 24/7 Online Data Logging (Optional)
Item Description
DisplayTouchscreen LCD 4.3" (480 x 272)
DataWind speed (Live/avg/max)
Wind direction
Ambient Temperature
Wind Chill
Beaufort Scale
Air Pressure
Wireless Rangeup to 1km (Sensor to Console in line of sight)
Operating Frequency868 / 915 / 933 MHz
Antenna input (Console)50 ohm, SMA connector
Recording DataWind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure
Build-in Memory128MB
Recording intervalEvery 2 seconds
Measuring rateEvery 2 seconds
Buzzer Alarm> 110 dB
Alarm ThresholdsWind speed x 3, wind direction x1 (each channel)
Output connectorRJ45, RS232, USB type C (date export), 4-20mA (wind speed & wind direction for each channel), relay x 4 (for each channel), Vcc/Gnd x 2 (DC24V)
Wind Speed Measurement Range0.3....50 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy±2%
Wind Speed Resolution0.1 m/s
0.1 knots
0.1 MPH
0.1 km/hr
0.1 ft/s
Units of Measurementm/s (default)
Temperature Measurement Range-30....+60 °C
Atmosheric Measurement Range500....1100 hPa
Wi-Fi Frequency range2.412 GHz ~ 2.484 GHz
Wi-Fi ModuleCJM410, 802.11 b/g/n
WiFi Output powerMin 16 dBm, Max 20dBm
Power SupplySensor: 3.6V Lithium Battery x 1 , Console: AC 100-240V
Material casingPA6 + 35%GF
DimensionsSensor: 262.5 x 183.5 x 32mm
Console: 185 x 126 x 65mm
Weight5.1 kg (full package), 700g (WindPro Console)

ScarletWind (WindPro version)

WindPro RS232 Utility

WindSmart App (iOS version)

WindSmart App (Android version)

Our Customers

What Our Clients Say

WindPro is the most reliable anemometer I ever use. I can easily get wind data and manage my workload efficiently.

Arturo Sanchez, Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Dept. University of Alberta

Scarlet always delivers the best quality product. Their anemometers are better than others in price and performance.

Mike Ryane, Premier Crane & Services

I have been using different anemometers for more than 20 years. Scarlet WindPro is the anemoeter that can do the job perfectly.

Jon Koval, Robway Safety Pty Ltd

Easy installation. I purchased the previous version 3 years ago and it still works under rigious environments.

Mohammed Said, Electra Solutions
WindPro Wireless Wind Monitor System

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