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Anemometer usually consists of two main parts, the sensor and the receiver display. The sensor is used to measure wind speed or both wind speed and direction. While the receiver display provide users with real-time wind speed and direction data measured from the sensor.

The wind sensor is usually installed vertically above the ground and at the highest possible point. The location where the wind sensor is gonna be placed is the most important part of installation as it will affect the  wind measurement data. The wind sensor should be placed at open space where it is not covered under trees or any other tall objects.

Wind Speed Sensor Mounted on Cranes

Typically for crane operation safety, the crane operator only need to know the wind speed, therefore wind speed sensor is more suitable for crane operation. The wind speed sensor is mounted on the highest possible point, usually at the crane’s boom. The wind cups must be fully exposed to the wind and able to spin freely at all boom angles.The wind sensor is mounted on the boom using a self-leveling magnet mount, while the display receiver is mounted inside the crane cabin.There should be a clear and unobstructed line of sight between the wind speed sensor and the crane’s cabin.

crane anemometer

Featured on the picture: Scarlet’s WR3-Plus, an industrial grade wind speed crane anemometer with stable and long transmission distance up to 500m. It also has automatic wind alarm that will alert crane operator when wind speed exceeds a certain limit.

Wind Speed and Direction Sensor Mounted on a Boat/ Vessel

Wind speed and direction is a crucial information for a boat or vessel for boating safety. The wind is responsible for creating waves and swell.With the use of anemometer, sailors can obtain reliable weather information and grasp the wind conditions outside. Wind sensors are usually installed on the highest point which is on the mast.

wind speed direction sensor installation on boat

Featured on the picture: Scarlet’s WL-21, wind speed and direction wireless anemometer with stable and long transmission distance up to 500m.

Wind Speed Sensor Mounted on Building/Roof-top

The wind speed sensor installation on a building or roof-top is pretty much very straight forward. You only need to mount the sensor at the roof top, it is recommended to fix the wind sensor on a mast so that the installation height of the wind sensor is higher than the top of the building.This way the wind sensor can measure the wind in a more accurate manner.

anemometer installation on roof top