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As the global leading company in occupational safety solution, Scarlet Tech launched wireless instruments,

such as anemometers, sound meters, radar safety cameras, and products to strengthen labor safety.  Our products effectively solve the daily issues workers confront, and was well praised by clients throughout the exhibition that held in Dubai World Trade Center from November 26th to 29th 2018.

As the global leading company in occupational safety solution, Scarlet revealed its wireless radar and camera monitoring system for heavy-duty vehicles at the exhibition. Our popular system aims to eliminate blind spots of oversized vehicles and surveillance. By pairing up to 10 cameras to 1 monitor, our customers will never miss any angle. Our cameras are waterproof IP 68 rated and well-performed in any kind of weather.

Our customers are able to enhance the vehicle safety at sites by installing the system. The radar & camera monitoring system has been approved that it can significantly reduce the incidents of collisions due to the exclusive wireless function. For example, if install it on the top of the crane, the driver can see clearly inside the crane and prevent accidents from happening. It’ll reduce blind areas, makes your reversing and docking more confident and easier. In addition, it can also avoid possible risks when driving oversized vehicles like trucks to ensure road safety. Thanks to the wireless distance 100M and even 200M with antenna, installing it in your house is also an option, which can ensure home safety.

Scarlet Wireless Radar Camera is a very practical product that users can apply in different situations. Visitors at the exhibition were very interested in it that some of them bought it right away. It is our resolution to improve safety at different fields, Scarlet will devote ourselves in progressing security of labor and construction.