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International and Building Construction Exhibition, Big5, took place in Dubai World Trade Center from November 26th to 29th 2018.

Scarlet Tech presented wireless instruments like anemometers, sound meter, radar safety camera. And more others for worksite safety.

Thermal Image Glasses SG-1 attracted people’s attention at the exhibition. It is specially designed for electromechanical work, HVAC diagnostic, building inspection, and system inspection. Its wearable design keeps technician hands free to work more efficiently and safely.

It’s IP55 dustproof and waterproof rating. Built-in multiple display modes for your mission, and is available to access from USB. It includes daytime and night vision modes. To assist clients in future audit use, SG-1 also has data storage and snapshot functions. It efficiently enables convenient thermal reading at a glance, quickly troubleshoot and analyze hidden thermal issues to make work easier as well as free user’s hands for multitasking. Visitors tried on the glasses and it knocked their socks off by the multiple functions. Keeping them hands-free is the biggest difference from other products on the market, which amazed them a lot.

People apply it in building inspection like checking for leaking pipes and identifying areas where heat is being lost so that you can make the building more energy-efficient. Also in the manufacturing process, thermal image glass makes it easier than ever to check the temperatures of machines such as drillers, to make sure they do not overheat. It is possible to use it as a personal inspection tool as well. Like checking your tires and engine for any potential breakages or weak spots. With the hands-free advantage, it is more convenient for users while working.

This futuristic device really packed in the crowds during Big5 exhibition, people found it interesting and were active to try on. With the high inquiry, Thermal Image Glasses SG-1 is definitely one of our star product in this exhibition.