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At Big5, an International & Building Construction Exhibition held in Dubai World Trade Center, Scarlet Tech presented wireless instruments such as

anemometers, sound meter, radar safety camera, and products like thermal image glass, explosion proof flashlights, IP 67 rated waterproof hard case, thermal image glass, and automatic car umbrella.

Scarlet Tech’s most well-known line of products are the anemometers. With radio frequency technology, we deliver the most cost-effective onsite wind monitoring solution to our industrial clients. Scarlet Tech offers 7 different models of anemometers to meet clients professional needs, ranging from transmission range, data logging, wifi connection, to explosion proof.

Scarlet WindPro is designed as an IoT device that can be monitor wind data remotely on the internet via PC, laptops and smartphone devices. All the data will be stored in our web portal for free and you can even connect the receivers to external devices by relay contacts.

Visitors were delighted to learn that WindPro improves the efficiency of work. They are able to get the data on different devices with the internet connection, and no longer limited by the transmission distance. 

Scarlet Tech’s goal is solving the problems customers face and improving their work effectiveness. Our Wireless Anemometers have assisted CCC, ADNOC, Berkeley Group, AECOM, Parsons, and Kuwait in project management.  We also have different models that ensure the safety at worksites, offshores, and other fields.